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Who is JOB ?
Our company, JOB Electronics, created in 1994, has its base in the Los Angeles area, in California.
Our mission has always been to design, manufacture and market the best possible user-friendly sound equipment for home use.
Instead of developing mass marketing products of cheap value, JOB prefers to concentrate on the absolute highest technology, selling its techniques directly to audiophiles who cannot afford the top high end products but want the same sound quality at the lowest possible price.
Their affordable price and ease of use differentiate the JOB products from ultra High-end components, considered too expensive, and from other mid-fi components, less satisfactory in sound quality.

Most accurate amplifier circuits ever made
Since early days, the task of the JOB development team has been to create the highest possible performance amplification circuit. First seen on the legendary JOB Mono in 1996, the JOB amplification circuit has been adopted and used under license by other high end Audio companies as Goldmund because it was the most accurate existing.
The technical supremacy of the JOB circuit is well established in the Audio Industry and JOB continues patiently to improve it.

High construction quality
To achieve exceptional sound quality, we needed exceptional construction quality. We picked the best components on earth, and have them assembled by Swiss companies who can guarantee the most accurately assembled products. No amateurism accepted. And to be sure of what we deliver, we test the finished product by running it for a week. The result is an exceptional reliability with the lowest failure rate we could even have dreamed of.

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