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The latest addition to the JOB amplifiers is out : The JOB INTegrated. It provides the latest circuit of power amp equivalent to a JOB 225 and add for free a totally new preamp section providing all the latest technology demanded by audiophiles : USB input with DSD compatibility, High resolution D/A circuit (up to 384k) and extremely transparent Analogue input. Extending further the JOB advantage, you now have the extraordinary JOB sound quality associated with latest technology developments required by the audiophile community.

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link to download the USB driver needed in Windows


The JOB 225

The latest addition to the JOB amplifiers family is by far the most advanced amplifier ever designed by JOB.
It represents the hottest "Value" existing today for an audiophile.
The JOB 225 is a Stereo unit of 125W per channel in a reasonably small chassis.
Totally protected, easy to use, perfectly silent, it is THE amplifier for an audiophile who is conscious of his budget but demanding the absolute best of the world in sonic quality.
With its extraordinary dynamic capability and its unconditional stability, it can drive anything.
More, with the JOB proprietary "Ultra-Control" of the speaker, any speaker even a large one will sound better when used with the JOB 225.
With extremely low distortion, especially IM distortion, literally zero group delay distortion, ultra-wide MegaHerz bandwidth and DC coupling, extreme silence and cool operation, it can be played at high level with the same impression of ease than at low levels.

Thanks to the JOB Elecronics large scale of operation on power amplifiers, the JOB 225 is also offered at a realistic price, where high-end audio manufacturers would charge $6'000 or $15'000 if the same amplifier were sold through the traditionnal channels.

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Important Note for our Japanese JOB friends
JOB has been selling to Japan since 1995 number of its power amplifiers. All amplifiers delivered to Japan (including Goldmund amplifiers by the way) are designed to work flawlessly with 100V AC line voltage on the 110V position of the AC line voltage selector, keeping the nominal power indicated. Using a JOB Amplifier with 100V line voltage is not only providing the same sound quality, it also increases the reliability of the amplifier after several years of use.

Consult our Technical data if you want to know more.

The JOB Sweetcord

Our new JOB 225 is so accurate and transparent that first users immediately reported their trial of various Powercords were making a big change in its sound quality. In order to allow the amplifier to be used at its maximum without a too costly exotic powercord we address the demand using the famous Goldmund wire made for their Powercord. So the sweetcord shares with its prestigious parent this special wire made by a well-kept-secret factory since 1987. With the standard length of 8'5" and Medical grade (US only) plug, the Sweetcord is a wonderful addition to the JOB amplifiers, and reasonable cost audio device, as everything made by JOB.

The JOB Pre2

The new JOB Pre2 is a minimalist Preamplifier fully designed as a complement of the JOB amplifiers for those who use only analogue sources.
In order to maintain both an extreme musical transparency and a reasonable price, the JOB Pre2 has been designed with no gimmick, no unnecessary feature but the most advanced analogue line stage we can design. With only 3 line inputs, a potentiometer-less volume control, ultra-simple remote and an elegant look and finish matching the JOB 225 power amplifier, the JOB Pre2 is allowing to maintain the phenomenal sound quality of its sibling amplifier without alteration in your system.

First Customers Impression

Job pre2 - just took delivery...
Some more job pre2 impressions. I've been doing a bunch of a/b testing comparing my primaluna prologue premium preamp to the job pre2. First off, I've owned many preamps and among the ones I've owned, these are both stars. Although they are both priced for the budget conscience audiophile, they compete with the preamps I've owned that sell for more than double this price range. So no need to spend more. There is no question that the job pre2 wins in the area of presence and transparency. The human voice is superbly reproduced with every tiny nuance communicated. All those minute audible cues that really good recordings contain are crisply and cleanly audible. The clarity is superb and addictive. Love it! However, the primaluna sounds a bit more 3 dimensional. The job pre2 sounds just a smidge flatter to me. The primaluna has a harmonic richness that is seductive. The bass is also noticeably richer and lusher on the primaluna. Which is nice on some bass light material but can be an unwanted addition on bass heavy material. I suspect that the bass is more accurate with the job pre2. Here's what I can say for sure the job pre2 is a superb first class solid state preamp. It provides jaw dropping transparency if the rest of your gear is up to it without hardness to the sound. It's very very good. For the asking price it's ridiculously good.

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