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Keith R. (USA) - 31.01.2014

I have several days on my Job225 now and there are subtle changes taking place. I am driving it with a custom handmade variable output dac with custom National semiconductor output chips that were never released, high end of the high end. The amp has really good base control, pitch and subltle harmonics from percussive instruments and I now know that I don't know what it will fully develop into it until the break in is complete. It is not dark like many high end amps, it has the speed of solid state with a sweet neutrality of unusual an intense naturalness., in other words unlike anything I've heard. Many years ago I had a handmade amp powered by a trickle dc charging system to keep ac grunge out of the signal path. There is a sophistication to the sound that sneaks up on you because at first it is not obvious. The dynamics are there but seem somewhat subdued because they don't jump out at you , it all goes into giving a balanced presentation but I hesitate to assume it is done with it's magic transformation yet. My system that started out besting the presentation of my Sennheiser HD800 headphones and is now going somewhere else, and I can't even guess where that will be. I know this all sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo and it is and isn't, I just don't know what changes will continue.

John Z. (USA) - 20.02.2014

My two JOB 225's are the best sounding amp's I've ever owned.
Last week I received 2 Sweetcords I'd ordered following the recommendation on your website.
As good as the 225's made my system sound, the addition of the Sweetcords has completely transformed everything about my sound.
I have been at this for over 50 years and have heard audio systems all over the world. No system I have ever heard comes close to what the 225 and Sweetcord cord have accomplished in both my system and that of a friend.

Bob D.

John Z. and I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon listening to music through my new JOB 225! I have had a lot of various equipment in my audio systems over the past 35 years, but nothing has ever come close to the levels of musical enjoyment provided by the JOB 225. I've owned Avantgarde DUO Omega speakers for over 8 years. In that time, these speakers spent much of the time in the basement because I could never get the bass to integrate with the horns (tubby bass and bright mids and highs). How the JOB 225 manages to integrate the Avantgarde DUO disparate horns and bass units is remarkable. These large speakers now utterly disappear, and the sound is fully integrated, extremely involving, and absolutely breathtaking! Wow!!!



Few Reviews from our early Amazon customers

4.0 out of 5 stars
An incredible bargain, once initial problems were solved, June 21, 2013
(Amazon Verified Purchase)
This review is from: JOB 225 2-channel Power Amplifier (Electronics)

The JOB 225 is a high-bandwidth, Swiss-made stereo amplifier. It's priced to compete with similarly priced NAD, Rotel, and Parasound offerings, but frankly, it's in a different galaxy from those products.
Before expressing more praise for this amplifier, however, I have to provide an account of my experience with it. I was an early purchaser of the JOB 225, and like a number of other early purchasers of this amplifier, I had a problem with 60 Hz hum emanating from the loudspeakers. When I contacted JOB Electronics (apparently a marque of the ultra-high-end brand Goldmund), the company at first seemed skeptical that there was a problem with the amplifier.
Once JOB/Goldmund acknowledged the problem, however, the response was swift. JOB paid for return shipping to Switzerland and had my amplifier back in my possession within two business days. The problem with 60 Hz hum was gone. Reportedly, other users with humming JOB 225s will be able to ship their amplifiers to a service center in NYC for repair/modification.
The repaired/modified JOB 225 sounds spectacularly transparent. Adding this amp to my system has expanded soundstage width and depth, and increased image specificity.
Before purchasing this amp, keep in mind both that output power is limited and that the amp generates a lot of heat. Use with electrostatic or other difficult-to-drive speakers should be ruled out. Use with truly high-end speakers nevertheless appears possible. One user has reported extraordinary results with TAD CR-1s.
In all, I'm pleased with my purchase. I would have rated it five stars if not for the initial 60 Hz hum problem.
NOTE ON SHIPPING: Though Amazon reports an estimated delivery time several weeks away, I and all other JOB 225 users with whom I've communicated received our amps in a couple of business days via FedEx International Priority. Yes, you get shipping at Amazon Prime speed from Geneva for $70.

5.0 out of 5 stars
No Way? Way!, May 30, 2013
By Dhopewell
(Amazon Verified Purchase)
This review is from: JOB 225 2-channel Power Amplifier (Electronics)

Bought it impulsively. The patience of Job? Not required (or available in my case). The box was shipped immediately and delivered remarkably quickly to the wilds of Iowa. So the trials began. A cheap cord (supplied) had me up and unning in 5 minutes, then my faith was rewarded.
Trading out a pair of name brand class D ICEpower monoblocks revealed something else - the D's sound sluggish and veiled. Never noticed that before. Vivid sonic outlines, deep silence, and marvelous dynamic range tame the slightly phasey quality of my steeply crossovered 3 way and create a rock solid image. I can sense the negative space between the outlines of the performers. Special!
Buy soon before 225 becomes the 226 special edition and hearing the welcome words "nice JOB" leaves a bigger hole in your wallet.
The sound - precise 3D
Industrial chic. You want jewelry, buy a ring!
Warmish chassis when on
DC coupled (not a problem with the Oppo 105)
No remote trigger or other convenience features

5.0 out of 5 stars
Job delivers 5 stars, June 4, 2013
By B. Cunningham
(Amazon Verified Purchase)
This review is from: JOB 225 2-channel Power Amplifier (Electronics)

So far so good. I tracked the package from Switzerland to the USA in about 3 days. My package suffered some abuse in route with one of the plastics straps on the outer box having come completely off, and the box exterior deformed. Fortunately the inner box largely survived and the amp was unharmed. Personally I think the packaging should be a bit more robust for this journey. But it does come encased in a nice elastic cloth bag and suspended in foam.
Aesthetically the Job faceplate is very beautiful, and the rear heatsink is more robust and nicer than expected. The remainder of the chassis is fairly average and the rear speaker outputs being largely plastic are the only bit hinting at cheapness. Thusfar, I have pulled a high end Jeff Rowland Concerto out of my biamped system and inserted the Job to handle the frequencies below 500hz. The Job sounds more controlled in this region and seems to mate more seamlessly with my 300b monoblocks driving the upper frequencies.
I am impressed and happy with the purchase. It is a small yet sweet amplifier. It does generate a fair bit of heat which is a good sign in my experience. After it warms up fully, you will be challenged to keep a finger on the heat sink for more than 4 seconds. Other than the packaging my only complaint is that the yellow-orange LED on the front panel is too bright if you like to listen in the dark.
Update 6/20/2013: After living with the amp some time now I have found that the heat generated by the amp has surprisingly dropped dramatically. I do not understand why this should be but after some breakin I find the amp runs much cooler such that you can keep your hand on the heat sink indefinitely, bizarre but that it what I have observed. Additionally, I should comment that the only negatives I have found is that the amp produces significantly more hum than the Jeff Rowland it replaced. Furthermore I do get some popping on the woofers I am driving if I do not turn them on in a specific sequence. All and all I still find it to be a great amp that powers my sub 500hz speakers beautifully.

5.0 out of 5 stars
As good as 6moons say., June 3, 2013
By T. Busselle
(Amazon Verified Purchase)
This review is from: JOB 225 2-channel Power Amplifier (Electronics)

I have had a lot of amps in my system, tubes and ss, including the highly touted $12K Ncores. This Job amp rises to the top of the heap. It is very clear and transparent without losing the magic. Great on male and female vocals, it is great on all venues of music.
I was very impressed with the speed of the shipping, I had it in about 4 days after purchasing it. I highly recommend this product and the company.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Get global, May 30, 2013
By Peter "Sales Manager. Mostly interested in re... (Nove Zamky, Slovakia)
This review is from: JOB 225 2-channel Power Amplifier (Electronics)

I would really like to see you offer this amplifier globaly so I can order and use it in my country. Thank you very much guys.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Job 225 (230v) EU version - please..., June 26, 2013
By Dax C. Jean-baptiste "daximus" (London, UK)
This review is from: JOB 225 2-channel Power Amplifier (Electronics)

Hello JOB Electronics, I am a UK resident NAIM audio user and an audio electronic engineer... and you have my interest!
Can you make a 230V variant available to a wider audience please???
I second others here that I am in UK and "would purchase", and I am assuming an EU harmonised 230v variant would be likely from yourselves here (please, if your power transformer has not got dual primaries then this would be a good option to allow a voltage switch or production time input voltage selection to be made).
I will watch with interest and hope for an international voltage release of this product.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Best small amp ever made?, May 23, 2013
By Michael I. Fanning (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
This review is from: JOB 225 2-channel Power Amplifier (Electronics)

If you are an audiophile or just someone who loves music, you must read the Six Moons audio site write-up on this product. Srajan Ebaen, the poet laureate of audio reviewing, sums up the Job 225 in the paragraph below. I am an American living in France who can't wait to get back home to buy this product!
In this light, could it actually be the world's best small amp ever made as Job/Goldmund assert so calmly in their owner's manual? Only the audiophile in the sky has that answer. Here on earth I don't know of another $1.495 amp with this type of true power, grip, lucidity and refinement. Not even close. That this one has got nine generations of R&D teams spanning a colossal three decades behind it adds that much more assurance and resonance. The design IQ in this circuit is immense. I think that renders it irrelevant whether some other 'small' amp somewhere is two or three percent better. What I can't get my head around? That it sells on Amazon. What's the chance of someone seeing it there even recognizing what they truly had were they to get one? That's where reviews come in. Do I feel used now? Not. Reviewing is what I do. I'll simply admit that this nearly sounds too good to be true. I just can't find a catch. The 225 thus must stay. It'll keep future review amps coming through honest. They'll need to significantly best the Job 225 to justify the usual high-brow audiophile tariff. What an upsetter. Time to ask for the invoice. And there's one more job our Job needs to wrap. Lift the global embargo outside the US. I couldn't possibly remain the only listener not on US soil to enjoy this game changer! That'd be just wrong. Time for the 225 to go 230. Volts. Here's to the missing five. Cheers!

3.0 out of 5 stars
240V and global - please, July 1, 2013
By Kumasan
This review is from: JOB 225 2-channel Power Amplifier (Electronics)

Living in the northern part of Europe I'll be exited to find the Job 225 available in my country as well. The amp seems like what I have been looking for my Lowther based and 2x12 inch woofer Horning speakers. Please Job make the amp available world wide - or at least make an exception and provide me with a 240V version. You did it for Srajan at 6moons - please send one my way too :-) I'll adjust my rating when I actually get to hear the amp in my system :-)

5.0 out of 5 stars
240V version please, May 29, 2013
By Matt_UK
This review is from: JOB 225 2-channel Power Amplifier (Electronics)

I live in the UK and would like a 240V version - I know a 220V was made for the 6moons review so it can't be that difficult - come on guys, the public wants your amp!

5.0 out of 5 stars
220 volt version please, May 21, 2013
By Brian A Stokes (JACKSONVILLE, FL, US)
This review is from: JOB 225 2-channel Power Amplifier (Electronics)

I'm in South Korea and "wanna Job" but I need a 220V version.
PLEASE. I'm sure there are others just like me.